Breaking Beat





When the rhythm game met the dance. Through designed dancing steps and the rhythm of the music, and wider and freer activity space more than traditional dance machines. It's just like you actually dance.


  • Project Management
  • Interactive Experience Design
  • Game Software Development
  • Point Cloud Application Development
  • Institution Installation

Technic Stacks

  • Godot, Point Cloud
  • D455
  • Projector


  • Creators: Partical, Patrick
  • Assistants: Enni 艾妮
  • Partners: S!Lab
More Work

Santa Gifts Collection Challenge

Christmas event with S!Lab, a small game like Snake. When you collect gifts successfully, you can open the gift box and get your Christmas gift🎄

Happy Halloween 🎃

Interactive activity designed for the Halloween. Combined background animation, candles and candies to build a scary and naughty feeling.

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