We Connect People In Real Life.

In Luxmin, we bring people back to reality from virtual.
We make people connect together again.

People Enjoy Experience, They Desire Stay Together Create Some Memories.

What We Do

We Create Experience


We Make People Connect Together Again.

Maybe video game replaced some physical entertainment, but it won’t disappear. Just show with other ways.

That’s why we bring the video game into real life.


We Keep Tech Stay Hygge.

We think tech can merge in life more naturally. Instead of screen everywhere to attract the people rare attention.

Calm Tech is what we imagined the future tech should be.


Sci-Fi Was In The Future. We Are Making It Now.

Extremely Creative, Crazy & Innovative Ideas.

We are exploring the next generation interactive with computer. Even the brand new technology.

Our Process

An Interdisciplinary Process

1. Conception

Conception means the kick-off of project.

Interdisciplinary brainstorming will come up all the creative imagination. And keeping exploring any possibilities. Our team will select the best mediums to achieve that from our “Technique Arsenal”.

2. Design

Design makes concepts to be visible objects.

From the content, graphic, animation, to interactive, lighting, software and hardware. And even more like UX, user routes. All the elements will come up together and make an initial integrated structure.

Also, the prototypes will be built in this phrase, include the hardware list and detailed preliminary budget.

3. Production

Production is make designs born in real life.

Start making and doing. Execute all the elements individually: interactive mechanism, electric and hardware, 2D & 3D animation, video content, music & sound effect, game logic.

Regular check-in each part progress and deadline to make sure the quality and all parts will integrated perfectly.

4. Testing

Testing is make sure productions is like what we expected.

Integrating every elements is not a piece of cake. We have to ensure it be mounted, calibrated, adjusted pretty well, to bring the extremely great experience.

Especially we care about the User Experience, we will do the 2 tests: alpha & beta. “Alpha” is for the people who already know this project. “Beta” is the blind testing, will invited someone else to feel it and give us sincerely feedback.

5. Operation

Ensuring the installation runs smoothly.

The experience is started right now! Stability and quality are the first priority in this phase. Include maintenance, our goal is make everything control working well.

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