Physical Experience Design

In our project design process, our team continuously strives to enhance every aspect of the experience. We have specially designed a validation mechanism where after each experience design is completed, we undergo validation and fine-tuning to ensure that our concepts deliver the best possible experience for the users.


We design unique and captivating experiences with creativity and user-centricity at the core. By deeply understanding the target audience and context, we create unforgettable interactive experiences that resonate and delight, leaving people with a sense of joy and connection.

User research and insights

Comprehensively understanding the needs, preferences, and behaviors of target users via interviews, focus groups, surveys, and research to guide design choices.

" Experience design "

Creating user-focused physical experiences, spanning commercial spaces, exhibitions, events, etc., encompassing spatial, interactive, visual, and sound design.

Brand experience design.

Creating brand-aligned physical experiences reflecting brand concepts and values, ensuring brand consistency and recognition among customers.

Integrated digital and physical design

Integrating digital and physical experiences using technologies like applications and interactive devices to enrich user engagement in physical spaces.

Experience evaluation and optimization

Using user testing and feedback collection to assess existing physical experiences, offering suggestions for continual user experience optimization.

Strategic consulting and planning

Creating long-term development strategies and plans for physical experiences to help clients effectively engage with target users and meet business objectives.

Training and education.

Providing training and education to client teams on physical experience design, helping them enhance their design capabilities and execution levels.
Physical Experience Design

What is "Augmented Playgrounds"?

Also known as "Real Life Video Game".
Bringing traditional video games into the real world, whether through somatosensory or physical device interaction, will make you feel like you are playing in "reality".

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