Alive Artwork





Art is not confined to a unidirectional form of communication. It connects artists from different times and places, intertwining with the experiences of participants who engage together in this interactive art piece.


Luxmin faces the public for the first time in the form of an exhibition, aiming to create an immersive, rich, and seamless viewing experience within the constraints of a limited studio space.


  • In the limited space, guiding people in a sequential order as they enter, progressively leading them from the surface to the depths to immerse them in the world within the artwork.
  • The design of the artwork emphasizes exploration and creativity, allowing for a longer duration of engagement with each individual piece. This approach aims to enhance the sensory richness of the works within the confines of limited space.


Surprising interactive elements combined with familiar artworks can create more memorable impressions. We deliberately selected well-known paintings that evoke a shared sense of empathy, incorporating generative AI as an innovative touch to generate a simultaneous sense of novelty and familiarity. For the participants, this allows them to feel that these new interactive elements are closely aligned with their own lives.
In interactive artworks, participants often come up with gameplay or interactions that go beyond our expectations. Therefore, keen observation and understanding contribute to enriching the interactivity of the artwork, as participants bring unexpected perspectives and actions to the experience.


  • From the classical music melodies triggered by footsteps in the stairwell to the "Frame in Frame" visible upon entering the space, culminating in the two main works - "Outpainting" and "Style Brushworks".
  • Outpainting: Utilizing generative AI to create a variety of image combinations, allowing visitors to freely explore and arrange, thereby experiencing the randomness inherent in the generated compositions.
  • Style Brushworks: Similarly, using generative AI with the strokes of various artists to add colors to the Taipei cityscape, then allowing visitors to unleash their creativity by freely combining different painting styles to create a unique masterpiece.
  • Frame in Frame: Presenting an infinite mirror effect within the frame, allowing visitors not only to capture photographs but also to interact creatively with their reflections within the artwork.
  • Classical Music Piano Stairs: Welcoming everyone into a fantastical world within the painting with a classical music melody, creating a sense of a temporal tunnel as they ascend or descend the stairs.


  • 119 unique visitors in the two-day event
  • 21.2 minutes average visitor experience and interaction time.
  • Theme Collaboration Meal Sales: 18 servings (approximately 1 set of meals for every 6 people).


  • Exhibition Curation
  • Project Management
  • Interactive Experience Design
  • Software Development
  • Generative AI Development
  • Electronic Hardware Development
  • Institution Installation
  • Scene Design

Technic Stacks

  • TouchDesigner, Madmapper, Photoshop, Firefly, Generative AI
  • LiDAR, ESP32
  • Projector, Webcam


  • Curator: Partical, Juwei
  • Project Management: Partical
  • General Interactive Design & Development: Partical
  • AI Technical Study & Development: Patrick
  • Electronic Hardware Design: Patrick
  • Institution Installation: Partical, Patrick
  • Scene Design: Juwei
  • Graphic Design: Juwei
  • Field Control: Ra
  • Theme Collaboration Meal Design: Kaja Coffee Lab
  • Special Thanks: Open House Taipei
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