Dinosaur Game





Turn Video Game into Real Life. Jump and start an epic adventure with Chrome Dinosaur!


S!Lab collaborated with Luxmin again. During the Sun Yat-Sen University Sports Days, we also held a little sport challenge - the dinosaur jumping challenge.


After the experience of the previous Christmas event, we believe that the elevator entrance on the 10F of the Library where S!Lab is located is a very good to exposure something. If a small game challenge is placed here, in addition to allowing people to play at any time , and it is easy to attract the attention of people passing by.


  • Before the event start, share the info on Sun Yat-sen University's Facebook community, and pre-announce the awards to let people more be interested in.
  • Added leaderboard in the game, make people would like to get higher scores and leave their name on.
  • There are more one way to play the game. Allowing players to try, discover and discuss the better skills to get higher scores.
  • Easter eggs inside. Designed to make people feel surprise.


  • In the elevator entrance, many people comes and goes. It's not suitable for placing a physical devices there. So, Luxmin designed to use non-contact detectation. Use Webcam to detect the player's movements, and manipulate the little dinosaurs in the game to jump and squat.
  • Choose to make the game like Chrome Dinosaurs. Almost everybody knows how to play intuitively, also it attracted people much more.
  • Put the instruction video on the default screen. Make players easier to understand how to play it.
  • After the event, not only the pre-announced awards of top 3, but also we provided the secret awards for the players whose passion for this games. We hope everyone will feel "your hard work will gain something finally" this positive meaning.


  • The visitors was higher than expected. Total 3476 visitors in the period of time.
  • Easter eggs and leaderboards worked perfect. Keep players more enthusiastic and play again and again. In the same time, let people impressed with S!Lab and Luxmin these brands.


影音》數位運動會大PK 師生挑戰Google小恐龍障礙賽


  • Project Management
  • Interactive Experience Design
  • Audio / Visual Production
  • Software Development
  • AI Pose Detection Development
  • Institution Installation
  • Event Host

Technic Stacks

  • TouchDesigner, illustrator, MediaPipe
  • Google Form, Google Sheet, App Script
  • Projector, Webcam


  • Creators: Partical, Patrick
  • Assistants: 如梅老師, Li Yun 立昀, Ring 如瑩, Enni 艾妮, hiro 亭蓉
  • Partners: S!Lab
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