Santa Gifts Collection Challenge





Christmas event with S!Lab, a small game like Snake. When you collect gifts successfully, you can open the gift box and get your Christmas gift🎄


Luxmin has teamed up with S!Lab to create a little event for Christmas. The biggest challenge was to brainstorm, design and produce this interactive game in 3 weeks in time for Christmas week.


Surprises always happen when you don’t expect it. Everyone must pass the elevator entrance on the 10F of the Library where S!Lab is located if they want to go inside 10F. If there is a small Christmas event, we expected people would stay by curiously. 


Starting thinking about Christmas theme and we hoped giving everyone a Christmas gift. Luxmin has designed an interactive game based on Snake, and passing to win the gifts. To build some kind of festive feeling and bring a positive brand on S!Lab. To generate the holiday feeling and bring people the positive impression of S!Lab


  • Luxmin has created a game that Santa Claus collecting gifts. It is based on the traditional Snake game, so people would understand the gameplay easily.
  • In order to make the controller more Christmas, Luxmin customize a wooden gift box with festival decorations. The analog joystick was just hidden inside the flower above.
  • After collecting the enough gifts, then play the passing video and unlock the gift box. You can grab some Christmas gifts!
  • Made the fully Christmas video and dubbing. Let people enjoy Christmas in this short time of game.


  • Project Management
  • Interactive Experience Design
  • Audio / Visual Production
  • Software Development
  • Electronic Hardware Development
  • Institution Installation
  • Event Host

Technic Stacks

  • TouchDesigner, DaVinci Resolve, Illustrator, Arduino
  • Projector


  • Creators: Partical, Patrick
  • Partners: S!Lab
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