Interview Record by S!Lab: [Startups+] LUXMIN: Integrating Light and Shadow into Urban Spaces, Creating Immersive Experiences for Users as Techno Artists


Immersive animations are basically not being watched by anyone, so in the future, we will consider whether we have achieved a good user experience. Compared to the various difficulties on the road to entrepreneurship, I think the first step is the most important and also the most difficult to achieve. Without taking that first step, you will never know how to take the next step.

Taking the first leap is actually much easier than you think.

Did any of you join in the recent Small Dinosaur Game held at the Xiwanshan Tower? This time, we invited the production team LUXMIN for an interview to share the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, the twists and turns, and the joys and sorrows along the entrepreneurial journey. Let's delve deeper into what entrepreneurship is all about!

"At first, it was purely driven by interest," Patrick and his classmates thought about how the technological skills they had learned could be integrated with the field Partical was exploring. As a result, the three of them decided to form a team and propose their idea to S!Lab. However, one member is currently pursuing a Ph.D., so he temporarily left the team.

The term "LUXMIN" is derived from "LUMIN," meaning "light," combined with "UX," representing "user experience." Specializing in the research of light sculptures, light effects, and interactive technologies, it is a duo formed by Patrick Hou and Partical Weng. The two initially became acquainted through group experiments in their science class, forming a close bond since their high school days. They often exchange ideas and provide feedback to each other, fostering a unique understanding over the years. Currently, Patrick is pursuing a master's degree in Electrical Engineering at Sun Yat-sen University, while Partical has entered the workforce. With complementary skills, one focuses on technology while the other handles marketing.


Create the experience never have

Luxmin is an interdisciplinary studio centered around physical experience design and technological innovation research. We are dedicated to studying interactive and sensory design, as well as integrating innovative technologies to create intuitive and immersive experiences.